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Eid Mubarak October 24, 2006

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Very Very Happy Eid Mubarak to all of you. Wish you people all the best .Amen


Busy cuz of papers October 15, 2006

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Final papers of my graduation life are in progress. Thats why couldnt post on the blog. Thanks to all the fellows that commented on blog and expressed their dearest concerns on my absence :).

I will try my best to continue posting. Wish me luck..the tough papers are still to come.

Free but Disappointed September 11, 2006

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Was busy the whole week fellas thats why couldnt blog either. University over..it was the last week of the university and i had some great moments with my batch…cant express that in words but i am really proud of the batch i was a part with. I am  free now for a month before paper starts but am disappointed on the fact that there will be no university anymore!…All my friends will go in different directions and we wont see each other for quite sometime.

World Famous Photograph – Afghan Girl August 27, 2006

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Annual Dinner – 2006 August 27, 2006

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I have been hell lot busy these days because of the last days in university so having to deal with assignments, vivas and above all the activities of the Annual Dinner 2006 (final dinner for us) took all my time. So annual dinner 2006 proved to be one hell of a party for every computer engg. student as our batch of final year took all the limelight with our dazzling and superb skits and dance. We i.e the team of skits which performed an awesome drama last year was expected a hell lot more this year. We frankly dint come up with something extra ordinary of idea , so eventually mam told us the idea of Cricket team with teachers takin lesson of cricket from some cricketing celebrity. Well it sounded nice at first so we took it. The characters were decided, i was once again given the responsibility to play the Dean, Natu (Zeeshan) played Javed Miandad, razzu boy played Sir Shahab (a very respectable teacher and probably the best teacher in the university) , ovais played Sir Abbas n Jiwani played Sir Anwar ali.

Well the theme of drama was that Pakistani team backed out from playing in England so the team of teachers will be sent to England to play the mathch. So we made the script and from the start we had an ill feeling regarding the play. We thought its too much over acting and lines are boring one …and so we never really came to terms with the play during the practice sessions. Even our auditions were sick. The strong reason for probably lack of interest was that our play had the same basic theme of copyin the teachers out and makin their perody like the play which we performed superbly well last year. Anyways , we practiced somehow and eventually our play was selected as well.

In the Annual Dinner, every member of our dreamteam looked awesome. Dressed in suits, with manly looking looks we all gathered near the stage. Repeated the lines in our mind. I had performed in second year , than in third year  so i was kinda confident that i wont forget my lines like the other mates of my dreamteam, but still the pressure of Final Year on our heads was looming large. Nobody wants to ruin the last chance of live  performance on stage infront of girls of first year, second year , third year n of course the final year. The faculty was there as well and of course the guys were there too …but our main motive was too impress the audience.

Amazingly the play on stage went even more better way than we expected. We with out acting and with our kinda weak looking script ( which i thought initially) made audience burst into laughters. We couldnt believe while performing that its happenin again like last year. We were thinkin of dropping the play even on the day of dinner but for the honor of final year we decided against it. Anyways, we while performing our respective roles really made audience burst into laughters. Video was made, if possible i will upload the video but it will be damn long one.

Another skit of final year which included other team performed awesomely well. They performed before oru play. Anyways , after all the plays of first, second , third and final year , mam urooj came to announce the  result who performed the best. The decision was made by the faculty members. When she said “Skit involvin Jawed Miandad…..”  we burst into joy, jumping with joy , huggin each other and chauting final year …final year…we hugged each other and screamed and laughed that we were thinkin of deciding to drop it down. Our class cheered a lot and then we started chauting “Sub sey agay , sub sey agay..BE walay BE walay” …. BE did it again..and stuff like that.

After the skits..we ate dinner and then had a photoshoot with our batchmates. We also took shots with teachers. The girls were without their veil and the way they were dressed were denying the statement of “partition sey pehley key model” . My two friends offered two different girls during the night, one got rejected, one got approved. Anyways it happens in life..these rejection and approval things….

I am all pumped up to go to university to take the pictures of the day from my friends. We are celebrating Jungli (Wild) day in the university tomorrow i.e our Comp. Engg. department only. So i will be taking my torned up clothes with me tomorrow. We will rally throughout the universiyt like we did on Independence day and then on Kitchen day when we brought steel plates and forks and spoons and palyed them loudly throughout the unviersity.

its all getting really really amazin in the university…can you feel the excitement????

World Famous Photograph-Muhammad Ali/Classius Clay August 24, 2006

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First Round, First Minute Punch to knock Sonny liston out

Champions League Draws August 24, 2006

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Bayern Munich is in easy group. They will certainly qualify. Chelsea vs Barcelona again…yeahhhhh! Click on the picture for enlarged image.

World Famous Photograph-Rise of Hitler August 22, 2006

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A crowd in Germany celebrate the outbreak of WW1

Say No To Racism, Say No to Daryll Hair August 22, 2006

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Australia v South Africa, February 1994
Three leg-before dismissals against his team-mates resulted in Peter Kirsten having an animated discussion with Hair. In the second innings, Kirsten himself was given out in the same manner and a further outburst ensued, with the batsman being fined 65% of his match fee.

Australia v Sri Lanka, December 1995
In his most infamous moment before The Oval, Hair called Muttiah Muralitharan for an illegal action seven times during the Boxing Day Test at Melbourne. Murali was brought on from the other end but was not called by Steve Dunne. At the tea interval on the second day, Hair told the Sri Lankans that he was prepared to call Murali from the striker’s end. Wisden reported: “unusually, he made his judgement from the bowler’s end, and several minutes passed before the crowd realised that Muralitharan’s elbow, rather than his foot, was at fault”.

While Hair received scathing criticism in Sri Lanka, in Australia the reactions were mixed. However, Don Bradman was quoted as saying it was “the worst example of umpiring that [he had] witnessed, and against everything the game stands for.” After discussions between the Australian Cricket Board and the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka, Hair umpired no further games involving Sri Lanka in the season and he did not umpire another Test involving Sri Lanka until their tour of the West Indies in 2003.

November 1998
Hair claimed in his autobiography, Decision Maker, that Murali’s action was ‘diabolical’ and that he would call him again if it had not improved. Hair’s remarks prompted the Sri Lanka board to ask the ICC to suspend the umpire for bringing the game into disrepute. Hair then threatened to sue the president of the Sri Lankan board for allegedly accusing him of bias.

Zimbabwe v New Zealand, September 2000

New Zealand were chasing 132 for victory on the fifth and final day of the match when Hair, officiating from square leg, no-balled Grant Flower three times in his second over.

August 2003
Steve Dunne, the New Zealand umpire who stood with Hair at Melbourne in 1995, spilled the beans about his silence during the Murali throwing controversy. In his book, Alone in the Middle: An Umpire’s Story, Dunne wrote: “There were many thoughts going through my mind. What do I do? Do I support Darrell Hair because he has called Muralitharan and do I call him as well? Or do I support what I believe, which was what we had discussed and decided at a conference in Coventry earlier this year?” That conference had decided in the case of a suspect action that the matter would be reported to the match referee who would have the action filmed and sent to the International Cricket Council.

Pakistan v South Africa, October 2003

Shaun Pollock was reported by Hair for showing dissent, and subsequently fined 100% of his match fee, after questioning the judgement of the umpire during the third ODI between Pakistan and South Africa at Faisalabad.

New Zealand v Pakistan, January 2004
Hair and fellow umpire Billy Bowden reported Shabbir Ahmed, the Pakistan fast bowler, for a suspect bowling action. The report was made after reviewing footage of Shabbir’s action taken during the fifth and final ODI between New Zealand and Pakistan at Wellington.

November 2004
Hair tells the ICC that he does not want to officiate in matches in Zimbabwe again.

England v Pakistan, June 2006

Hair struck again, and how. The Oval became the scene of the first such forfeiture in 129 years of Test cricket as Pakistan refused to take the field following Hair’s accusation of ball-tampering. Between lunch and tea on the fourth day, and following Alastair Cook’s lbw dismissal to a delivery that showed a fair amount of reverse swing, Hair was seen intently looking at Mohammad Asif rub the ball against his trousers at mid-on. At the end of the 56th over, bowled by Danish Kaneria, Hair went over to Billy Doctrove and was seen pointing at the quarter seam. The fourth umpire, Trevor Jesty, then brought out a box of balls and the England batsmen, Kevin Pietersen and Paul Collingwood, were allowed to choose the next one to be used, in accordance with the laws.

To confirm that this had been the umpires’ decision to change the ball five runs were added to England’s total, which umpire Hair signalled by patting his right hand to his left shoulder. Bad light stopped play soon after, and Pakistan refused to take to the field after tea in protest. What ensued was a chaotic two hours after which the day’s play being abandoned without another ball being bowled.

The problem is certainly with Daryll hair in the light of above facts!!!

Damn Net August 22, 2006

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Was busy in the university and the net at home was working at a speed of 0.000001KB/sec!…Dont konw what happened to the net. Somehow the service provider which provides the backbone to my LAN had the problems. To give you an idea how much slow my net was..take a look at this.